Take a look at what makes us who we are.

  1. Diversity
    Even in the year 2016, the tech industry is suffering from a lack of minority influence. Despite the success of STEM students at HBCUs, Silicon Valley has been reluctant to welcome the talent that comes from these campuses each year. The often proposed solution to this problem is to "just hire more minorities," but that seems like a hard sell when well-qualified candidates are consistently overlooked. Young people are constantly striving to find something they can relate to, and it's much more likely that they'll adhere to a career or life path when they can see the success of people who look like themselves openly represented in the real world. We want young men and women from all walks of life to find their way. CapApp stands to prove that innovation and enterprise don’t always start with a degree, or even a business plan. Often, they just start with an idea. And a desire to see where that idea can lead.
  2. Hard Work
    When Tiroune took his first of two Congressional internships at the Capitol he was worried that, through the five months his House position was supposed to last, he wouldn’t have enough time to make the most of his term. He wanted to make sure he did everything there was to do and more, if possible. Not coincidentally, Tiroune took another internship in the Senate shortly thereafter. During the ten months he spent on Capitol Hill, he noticed certain attributes about his colleagues; some traits made them successful after they left their internships and moved on to other ventures, and some kept them stagnant. Dedicated interns (Tiroune included) were always ready to take on any task, no matter how mundane. They always attended Congressional Briefings (even if the topics weren't in their field of interest), always opted to take on extra writing opportunities, and generally offered to go above and beyond what was expected of them. This attitude exposed Tiroune to more of the subjects in which he had a personal interest, and later gave him the opportunity to branch out into the field of technology and try something new. He brought that same attitude to the table with CapApp. We're out to show aspirational young men and women what can happen when they work hard and follow through on their ideas. We promise to always go above and beyond what our audience expects from the average app developer. CapApp is far from average.
  3. Community Partnerships
    Success is rarely a solo achievement. Personal relationships and partnerships are crucial to our growth and development as a society. But building those relationships can be difficult in an industry that is often less than welcoming to a particular set of talents. That's why CapApp is committed to fostering positive relationships with local, minority owned businesses and entrepreneurs. We believe that young men and women from all walks of life deserve the same chances at success, and we know the possibilities are endless. But those men and women need a steady foundation on which to build their dreams. So we're working hard to cultivate an environment dedicated to inclusivity and the sharing of knowledge. Through our partnerships, CapApp will be poised to provide aspiring entrepreneurs with a wealth of meaningful connections and a vast network of potential customers. We aren't just an app. We're a community. And we welcome you to join us.
CapApp is committed to increasing student interest in technology. Here, our founder & creator, Tiroune, gives a presentation to a group of students in The George Washington University School of Business.