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  1. Mindstream Podcast: Increased Diversity
    Listen to our creator discuss ways to bring more diversity to the tech field.
  2. Mindstream Podcast: Minority Involvement
    In this clip, hear Tiroune discuss the idea behind CapApp's mission to bring more minorities to the forefront of technological advancement.
  3. Mindstream Podcast: Long Term Goals
    Here, our creator lays out a plan for the future of CapApp.
  4. Mindstream Podcast: Minority Role Models
    Listen to our creator discuss the importance of role models in the push to increase minority participation in the tech field.
  1. Mindstream Podcast: Stereotypes in Tech
    In this clip, Tiroune talks about stereotypes frequently circulated within the tech industry.
  2. Mindstream Podcast: Attracting Minority Investors
    Listen to our creator discuss the importance of minority investment in technology.