Wondering about our platforms, features, or costs? Check out our most frequently asked questions. 
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    Will the app be available for Android devices?
    CapApp's place in the Android market will be determined by the success of our Kickstarter campaign. If our campaign is successful, we will then cater to both the Android and Windows markets.
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    How much will the app cost?
    Upon its release, CapApp will be totally free. We don't believe in charging the public for educational information that should be accessible to everyone.
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    Do I need to be in the Capitol to use the app?
    You don't have to be anywhere near the Capitol Building to use the app. The information you will find is saved to your phone the second you download the app. With CapApp, you can take your own customized, virtual tour from the comfort of your home.
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    Can I use the app on my iPad?
    There will be a version of CapApp released for iPad use at a later date. Stay tuned!
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    What is the "Easy-Save" feature?
    This feature allows you to bookmark information for later viewing. See a statue you like, or a painting you're interested in? Save it, and then test yourself later!
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    Can I see parts of the building unavailable to the public?
    There are some areas of the U.S. Capitol Building that are inaccessible, even to certain employees. We're bringing our users information that isn't typically covered in a staff-guided tour or currently available to the general public.
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    When will the app be released?
    CapApp is expected to release in late 2016. We're still forming our development team. Once the Kickstarter campaign comes to an end, we'll be able to provide a more specific release date. Stay tuned!
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    What does the 3D experience entail?
    This feature will give users a realistic, 3D view of individual rooms to simulate the experience of a live tour. Walk through the halls as you would if you were standing in the Capitol, or follow along during your tour - room by room, step by step.