The decision to feature CapApp on Kickstarter - a crowdfunding website - was a difficult one. From the onset, apps are very hard to monetize, especially for first-time non-developers. In-app purchases, GPS locators, cross-platforming, and social media integration (just to name a few) are all factors that aren't usually included in the typical first-time entrepreneur’s original asking price. 
For those unfamiliar with Kickstarter, users post projects they're hoping to fund with product descriptions, asking amounts, and timeframes for their campaigns. Donors, or "backers," receive rewards correllating to their pledge amounts. Some of our backers will have the chance at a limited edition t-shirt, the opportunity to enjoy an exquisite, 5-course meal in a secret location in Washington, D.C. (prepared by one of the District's finest private chefs), or the chance at becoming a publicly-recognized beta tester.
As first-time developers, we're truly building CapApp from the ground up. From the start, we want to take into account the needs of our customers. One of the most effective ways to voice our opinions in a consumer-driven industry is through our wallets. We influence product decisions based on the purchases we make every day. Because we want our users to be involved in the app building process from beginning to end, we've chosen Kickstarter as our fundraising platform. Your pledges will allow us to produce a high-quality product that consumers want and need, and Kickstarter will give you the opportunity to track our progress every step of the way.  

Photo Credit: Yasmina Shields

Our creator (Tiroune Oates) and Student Ambassador for American University (Elli Sloan) discuss potential ideas for the campaign, above.