Experience the Capitol like never before. 
Be your own tour guide with a virtual view of the U.S. Capitol -
right in the palm of your hand. 

National Statuary Hall; Architect of the Capitol

Use the features below to learn the history of the Capitol building, view the artwork around the Rotunda, or customize your own Capitol tour. 

  1. Customize your education
    Need detailed information? Or just the basics? CapApp History slides are calibrated for both high school and college-level work.
  2. 360 Degree Panoramic Imagery
    Slide through the 19 panels of the Frieze of American History.
  3. Venture Further
    Explore parts of the Capitol unavailable on the scheduled tour routes: Emancipation Hall, Brumidi's Corridor, and more.
  4. Sound Capabilities
    Listen to the information displayed on the screen.
  1. Simple Navigation
    Scroll through available content with ease.
  2. Direct Manipulation
    Get up close and personal with the Apotheosis of Washington-a fresco painted 180 feet off the Rotunda floor.
  3. Available in 7 Languages
    View your content in one of the seven languages most commonly spoken by visitors to the Capitol.
  4. Easy Save
    Bookmark content for later reading.

* Virtual Touring *​​

3D experience coming soon.

Rotunda of the Russell Senate Office Building; Architect of the Capitol

History from the ground up. 
Click on a photo below to view CapApp's original wireframe. 
  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director
  4. Managing Director

Wrinkled Paper; D Sharon Pruitt


See what the community has to say about us!

  1. Mike Arlinsky
    Former Congressional Staffer "...Imagine being able to enhance your experience before, during and after touring the most visited place in the USA! Having been on many tours during my years in Congress, the tour guides are excellent though they have limited time to get through a tour. With CapApp, a group of students, constituents or association members in for a fly-in can explore in greater depth the wonderful and rich history of our Capitol. I look forward to using it and applaud the creators."
  2. Elli Sloan
    Undergraduate Student; Communications Studies & Marketing, American University "When I first found out about CapApp, I was definitely intrigued. I particularly like how the app can be tailored to people of different [education] levels. Since you can adjust the complexity of the material...CapApp is providing a highly desired service - especially for a place where there is so much to learn and see."
  3. Jennifer O'Connor
    Graduate Student; Physician Assistant Studies, Hofstra University "CapApp bridges the knowledge gap between the interns assigned as tour guides and the quality of information required to create a fulfilling and fully educational experience. I can't wait to see it in practice once it's up and running."